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Odor Elimination Services

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Fogging Services


What is the Fogging Service?

 What we offer is a complete odor elimination service. First, we identify the true source of the odor; then using an industrial grade fogger and our green odor eliminating products we walk around the home with our fogger to ensure that the ceiling, walls, floors, and furniture all get serviced. Once you hit the odor at the source this product works to break down complex odor molecules, which ultimately eliminates the odor.


When do you need a fogging service?

When a home or room has developed a lasting undesired odor, you need the fogging service. Preparing your home or a clients for sale and need to get rid of that smell once and for all? Our fogging service eliminates odors such as smoke, animal odors, stong food smells, and even bacterial-based odors!



In this photo, the property was one where the homeowners were long term smokers. You are seeing the fogging process while it is happening and how it is able to draw out the odors from the air, walls, and carpet! In the second two pictures you are seeing nicotine dripping from the ceiling onto the carpet creating nicotine stains. Not to worry! Our Heavy Duty Cleaner removes these stains easily and is left behind in every fogging service!


*Standard*Heavy Duty*Disinfectant*

All of our odor eliminating service use our specially formulated green odor eliminator to break down complex odor causing molecules at the source.

Standard Package: This package is designed to neutralize less concentrated odors, usually isolated to specific rooms.


Heavy Duty Package: This package is designed for tackling the toughest non-bacterial odors in your home. This service uses our strongest odor elimintor for neutralizing strong odors, and is our most recommended service!

Disinfectant Package: This package is designed for the toughest most aggressive bacterial based odors, often deep in the floor and furniture. This service uses a combination of our extra strength odor eliminator with a hospital grade disinfectant. The combination not only eliminates odor molecules, but also kills the odor causing bacteria on the surfaces.


Pet Odors: Heavy Duty --> Disinfectant


     Pet odors including urine, 'wet-dog', litter boxes, and even animal cages can be some of the toughest odors to get out of your home. For this reason we recommend at least a gold service as it is a stronger package aimed at dealing with the tough non-bacterial odors.

     For urine stains and other types of bacterial odors we recommend the Platinum package. This package is designed to kill odor causing bacteria at the source and is a key step in eliminating the odor.

Smoke Odors: Standard --> Heavy Duty


     For light smokers whom only smoke inside rarely the silver package is enough to neutralize odors and eliminate tobacco and or light fire smoke. 

     For strong odor or regular smokers we recommend our gold package as it is a stronger product and more equipped to tackle tough odors.

Ethnic/Cultural/Food Odors: Standard --> Heavy Duty


     For light odors the silver package is enough to neutralize odors and eliminate most light odors. 

     For stronger odors we recommend our gold package as it is a stronger product and more equipped to tackle tough odors.

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