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Real First Defense Testimonials: Products and Services

Amanda M (CORT Furniture)

I used RFD for the first time about two weeks ago. I was blown away with the results! I was having family in town and wanted everything to look perfect. RFD helped tremendously. I first started in the kitchen. It took off tough grease that has been built up for a while. It also took off mildew that had been on our shower doors and would not come off. I simply sprayed the product and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Came back and the grime wiped off in one easy swipe. This product actually made cleaning fun, and I was looking for other things to clean! - Amanda McCullough, CORT Furniture, Account Representative

Keely J (Keller Williams - Realtor)

I just wanted to reach out to you and give you a testimonial on your product "Realtor First Defense". The heavy duty cleaner is totally awesome! My dog was very ill and she left stains all over my carpet along with some urine stains as well. I tried cleaning them with another product and it didn't work at all. I used the Heavy duty cleaner and they all disappeared, totally Happy! The Odor Eliminator works wonders and it smells really good also. My neighbors do some heavy cooking with curry, it comes through the walls and in the entrance to my condo. I sprayed it through out my condo and I even went outside by their doorway and sprayed it, the odor eliminator took it away. TOTALLY HAPPY!!!!!! ​ - Keely Jundt, RE/MAX Impact, Realtor, PPS Consultant

Michael M (HER - Realtor)

I just did a follow-up inspection at Elizabeth Ave, on the pet odor removal job that your company did there, in late June. I must say, the effectiveness of your treatment far exceeded my expectations. Especially, given the horrific and deal-threatening depth of the problem. If you will recall, this situation involved a bunch of cats urinating down the cold air return into the furnace for an unknown length of time. After my client went into the contract on the property, much of the HVAC ductwork was replaced and the entire HVAC system was cleaned as part of the remedy process. One week before closing my client and I did a walkthrough and the cat urine was much worse. It had become a deal-breaker that threatened the transaction. On the day before closing (or not), you personally drove down to Columbus, from Cleveland, and supervised an intensive odor removal/disinfectant process, including the repeated fogging applications which took the entire day. I remember feeling very uneasy about how my client would react in spite of your assurances. The sense of smell is such a powerful and subjective thing. Ill never forget it. She snuffled out the house like a drug sniffing hound on a crime scene, getting down on her hands an knees at every register. She finally stood up and pronounced the odor-removal job a complete success. I was stunned! As a real estate professional and experienced house flipper, I have walked away from great deals over odor issues that you could have salvaged for me. I cant say enough about your level of service and I will recommend you to fellow agents, investors, family and friends. Thank you for your help in getting my deal closed and making my client a happy first time owner.

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