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Our fogging service is designed as a permanent solution to your home odor issues. This service works great on cigarette and wood smoke, animal odors, and even strong cultural food odors. We work on occupied, vacant, or renovating properties depending on your needs.

When selling your home, odors are proven to have a dramatic effect on the final price of the sale. Get peace of mind by eliminating the odors before your next open house, and rest easy that it's gone for good!

Your first and last stop for eliminating home odors!

What can our fogging service do for you?
  • 2/3 of realtors agree that odors reduces the resale value of a home by between 10-30%!!

  • 56% of buyers are less likely to purchase a smelly home!

  • 25% of buyers REFUSE to purchase a smelly home!!!

  • An estimated 15% of homes have at least one person who smokes regularly inside!

**Studies were conducted by Pfizer Canada

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